PT11 Project

Welcome to The PT-11 project. The intention of our blog is to share information about the PT-11 trimaran project and describe its construction. We also want to describe and demonstrate the quality of our build, tout the merits of the PT-11’s design, and ultimately sell some trimarans.

Design Criterion:
The PT-11 trimaran is purposed to be a hi-performance, de-mountable cruising tri. This requires high-quality construction with a great attention to detail. This tri has to be designed for coastal cruising as well as ocean passages. It needs to be fun to sail i.e. powerful, but at the same time easily managed by a small crew (2 people). In addition”
• The sails need to be easily stowed and hoisted.
• The interior needs to be comfortable, sleep 4 adults with a good working galley.
• The head only needs to be functional with enough room to use the head and stand up to shower.
• The cockpit should be roomy enough for 4 people to comfortably sail in.
• The boat should have an inboard that will provide heat for water and power for the electrical system while comfortably pushing her at 8 knots for a 150-mile range.

• The machinery must be easily accessed for maintenance and repair.
• The electrical system must be well engineered for good battery life and easy operation.
• The electronic package will be simple, but a dependable below deck autopilot must be installed.
• The boat should be tiller steered with the ability to steer from outboard on the amas.
Above all, the PT-11 needs to be engineered and built to withstand the rigors of offshore sailing, and look great while doing so!