Chris White Atlantic 57 Sailing Catamaran #3

Launched Summer 2009

Cerulean was launched in August of 09 and is our third Atlantic 57 built. The owner wanted her to be lighter in weight and brighter inside the hulls than the two previous 57's we built. To achieve his directives we eliminated all of the interior cherry panels except in the pilothouse. Re-faired all of the tooling to reduce putty and paint on the finished parts, and simplified the systems. We also substituted "name brand" hatches with our custom fabrications saving even more weight. Sole plates which were previously plywood (by design) were switched to composite saving a substantial amount of weight over the previous boats. Also being the third of the series we learned some tricks to simplify construction saving even more weight. Our efforts paid off as Cerulean floated a full inch higher than the two previous boats which equates to about 1700 pounds saved!

The results of the weight saving program really showed during sea-trials where we had her powering to weather at 18.5 knots. Cerulean is now sailing in the West Indies as a crewed charter cat turning heads with her good looks and impressive speed.